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Design engaging presentations in a rich multimedia enviroment.


Design engaging presentations in a rich multimedia enviroment.

Our user friendly Drag'n Drop designer allows you to build a presentation your way - whether that means showing video, data or an entire website.


We know that flexibilty is important so we have provided the tools you need to demonstrate even the most challenging story including:

Text, Images, Video, Web pages, Charts, Tables, Animation, Transitions.


By adding active links in your presentation you can create different paths through your slides depending on the audience.

This also allows you to drill through information to show more detail.


Share your presenation privately with individuals or share it with the world by building a public presentation.

Public presentations are automatically sent to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and will be indexed by Google which can help with SEO.

Control and Collaborate

Work with others on the same presentation

Protect your IP and who views your slides by granting or denying people access to them even after sharing it.


Embed your public presentation directly into your website by using a simple publish code.


Start using PresBee for free


$ 0 /mo

Billed Annually

  • 100MB Disk Space
  • Public Presentations

Worker Bee

$ 4 /mo

Billed Annually

  • 500MB Disk Space
  • Public and Private Presentations



Billed Annually

  • 500MB Per User Disk Space
  • Public and Private Presentations
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